Medical Education

At the Gaspar Casal Foundation we are firmly committed to offering personalized training adapted to the business needs of the entities with which we collaborate.

Our offer includes: workshops, in-company diplomas, training pills, podcasts and accredited remote and face-to-face courses.

We believe that education changes people, and people change the world.

University Education

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Our Offer

Target Audiences

Specialized training for the target audiences of the entities with which we collaborate: healthcare professionals and management personnel from the biomedical-pharmaceutical sector.


We offer training that adjusts to the specific needs of each collaborating entity.


Training focused on new trends to solve current problems.


This is individualized training for target audiences of health professionals, or management staff of the biosanitary and pharmaceutical sector. The themes are trending and are adapted to the needs of the entities with which we collaborate.

They deal with: politics, health management, health economics, innovation and research in health services and digitization of the National Health System, among others. They seek permanent updating and change management, which is so necessary in the healthcare environment.

In Company Diplomas

These are valuable training proposals that will allow our collaborators to position themselves before health professionals, making specialization in frontier issues and high scientific-technical impact within their reach.

The diplomas have the capacity, due to the versatility and quality of the teaching staff, to adapt to different target audiences: health professionals and professionals in health policy, management and evaluation.

Accredited Courses

We offer FMC-SNS courses that allow healthcare professionals to stay up to date.

Formative Pills

Training sessions on ad hoc topics to delve into the singularities of the Health Sector

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