We are a non-profit and independent think tank of general interest, with a firm social purpose dedicated since 1997 to Training, Research, Dissemination and Public Affairs in the health sector.

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First socio-health think tank in Spain

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Jointly publishing the Gestión Clínica y Sanitaria magazine with the Centre de Recerca en Economia i Salut and the Instituto de Investigación de Servicios Sanitarios.

Our History

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Medical Education

We develop the professional competence and critical knowledge of health professionals.

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We improve public and private decision making to solve socio-health problems that improve the lives of patients and promote the health and well-being of the population.

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We transfer the knowledge created thanks to the organization of Webinars, Conferences and Congresses that are adapted to the needs of our partners.

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Public Affairs

We strategically position our partners before the public authorities, responding to their advocacy needs.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it

Our Collaborators

Our Partners

Our Purpose


We improve society through the generation and transfer of useful knowledge in the field of social and health care.


We are committed to public-private partnerships as a response to the most pressing socio-economic problems.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The team of the Gaspar Casal Foundation in our commitment to transform society to make it more just and supportive, we give a preferential place to Corporate Social Responsibility. We are convinced of the fundamental role that companies and all kinds of entities play in achieving the sustainable development goals, and to implement the practice we develop the following actions:

  • We collaborate with an annual contribution to a soup kitchen.
  • We hire third sector companies for the external services of: Messaging: ASISCAR (Cáritas), Corporate material (PRODIS Foundation), Personal assistance at events. (PRODIS Foundation) and Catering (ALAPAR Association).
  • We donate the advertising banners generated in public affairs events to third sector companies that reuse them. (PRODIS Foundation).
  • We collect the coffee capsules for reuse (Other Time Another Planet Association).
  • We print all our research papers on FSC paper.
  • We minimize the use of paper and ink in the office.
  • We selectively select the waste that we generate by depositing it in the corresponding containers.
  • We use the Internet search engine Ecosia.
  • We make a donation of 0.7% of our annual income to a non-profit, non-governmental organization with proven social impact. This year we have chosen the Asociación Alternativa en Marcha to be the recipient of this aid.
  • We have signed an agreement with the Inserta Foundation to facilitate the integration into the world of work of people with different abilities.

Work Team

Who was Gaspar Casal?

He was born in Gerona in 1680, and although he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts, he worked first as a doctor and later at the service of the Cathedral Chapter in the Principality of Asturias from 1717 to 1751. In Oviedo he became friends with Benito Jerónimo Feijoo, who became He was at that time in his period of greatest prestige. The fame that he developed in these years was echoed in Madrid, where the Court appointed him in 1751 Supernumerary Physician of the Royal Chamber of Fernando VI. He died in Madrid in 1759.

He is considered the “first Spanish epidemiologist”, his great contribution to science was the conceptual change of medicine. He was also the first to describe the so-called evil of the rose.

The description of this disease in his “Natural and Medical History” is the reason for his fame today thanks to the observation, analysis and description that he made of the disease.

Casal correctly related the disease of the rose or pellagra with a deficient diet, whose main component was corn, which in his time constituted the basis of the diet of peasants in the region.

El Médico, by Francisco de Goya. It is believed that the protagonist is Gaspar Casal
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